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Why do we hurt? Do we actually experience pain, or is it merely illusion? In this video, Lorimer Moseley

Never thought you could have so much fun learning about facial pain

Once in a while a teacher comes along who really helps you jump the hurdles of complex learning, so if it's been a long day or a tough week do yourself a favour, watch the you tube we have here for you and enjoy a giggle with a great teacher, while you learn something really important.

In March next year AACP Australia is bringing you Professor Lorimer Moseley from Adelaide University who will be helping us understand the role of the mind in mechanisms of pain. Listen to this you tube video and you will understand what a wonderful teacher Professor Moseley is and just how entertaining it can be to learn about facial pain. Lorimer will be presenting 2 lectures for us.

Lorimer will explain simply how learning about the mind in the mechanisms of pain can helps us improve treatment for our patients?

Try these questions:
Do things hurt more when you are tired, stressed, worried?
What makes you feel better when you are in pain?

Next questions:
How does this apply to our splints?
Is everything about successful splint therapy about how the teeth hit together?
Does everyone put in a splint and lose all of their pain within seconds?
Why do patients with TMD have such trouble with minor bite issues, but others who have only occluded on 2 teeth all of their lives have no pain at all?

Understanding the mind in the mechanisms of pain enables you to better assist your patients.

Final questions:
Are all our patients the same?
Is someone who has just had a knock in the face the same as someone with fibromyalgia, TMD, IBS, or depression?
Do their brains all process pain the same way?
Does that mean that we need to do things differently for them?

Many of us heard Paul Durham talk last year about the impact of things like diet, stress, and exercise on pain. How can we use the mind to help fight pain? Hear cutting edge research from Professor Moseley and his Body in Mind group in Adelaide.

We are looking forward to having you join us in March to hear more of Professor Moseley's wisdom and enjoy laughing while you learn.

Karen McCloy, Education Officer AACP Australian Chapter

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