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March 2012

Dr Noshir Metha AACP March 2012

Noshir Mehta Course 2012

What you will Learn, and How it will Help You

Dr Mehta has treated more patients with TMD than most of us will see in a life time.
He has developed a unique way of examining sites of muscle pain and using it to diagnose the way that the orthotic should be constructed. You will learn how to evaluate posture, gait, and occlusion to give a big picture of what is happening for that person.
When he explains it… it all sounds simple.

If you are lucky enough to be taking part in the hands on part of the course, you will also be shown exactly how to make and fit a day appliance, a night appliance, a mouth guard, and a retainer, and how they are used at the Tufts Craniofacial Pain Centre. There will be staff on hand to show you how to make the blanks back in your surgery. The techniques are simpler, easier, and massively less expensive than how most of us are making orthotics at the moment, and you will be able to immediately supply the appliance and start the treatment procedure for TMD patients.

I look forwards to seeing many of you there. Make the most of this opportunity. Come with questions, and ready to learn.

See you all soon
Karen McCloy