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December 2013

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AACP International Symposium - Sydney March 28th-30th 2014 Breath, Sleep, Grow

AACP March Symposium 2014 our best yet says Dr Karen McCloy.

Breath, Sleep, Grow - Sleep disordered breathing is a multifactorial condition, even when it occurs in children. As detailed in our last newsletter we have some fantastic clinicians like Professor Ali Darendeliler, Dr Bill Hang and Assoc. Prof German Ramirez presenting their methods for treating paediatric OSA when there is a significant craniofacial component to the OSA.
But what do you do if the expansion doesn't completely get rid of the OSA, or if the craniofacial component does not seem to be a major factor. How do the kids end up with the craniofacial and sleep disorders in the first place? ... Learn more

A wonderful product from our sponsors Werner Sauer Oral Design: No Prep or Minimal Prep Veneers

After orthodontics to correct bite and function, quite often patients are left with spaces between their teeth. A great option to close these spaces is no prep or minimal prep veneers. Non-invasive in its nature, this restorative option leaves the maximum possible amount of tooth structure intact. A Dentist may find it unnecessary to prep at all, or simply need to modify the tooth slightly. This makes no prep or minimal prep veneers a favourable option for both Practitioner and patient.
Veneers are the most aesthetically pleasing restoration available. We use feldspathic porcelain to capture the highlights and characteristics of natural teeth in the veneers. No prep or minimal prep veneers can cover the entire buccal facing of the tooth, or simply be "chips" of porcelain bonded to the area of the tooth where structure is to be added.
Learn more

Techniques for the dentist who treats pain

For those of us looking to make our dentistry as non-invasive as possible while providing the greatest benefits to health and appearance non-prep veneers sound fantastic. The largest question involved in any type of restoration would be "what are the factors that determine whether or not there will be continued bruxism events at the end of our treatment?".... Learn more

How the AACP community shares their ideas. Meet Dr Meetal Shah.

How the AACP community shares their ideas. Meet Dr Meetal Shah. Joining us on the committee this year was Dr Meetal Shah from Melbourne. Meetal has very kindly stepped up to the role of overseeing the AACP online Forum, thank you Meetal. Here he talks a little about how you can join us..... Learn more