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February 2013

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AACP Second International Symposium March 8th-10th 2013

Why Muscles can make life difficult?

Dentistry affects your eyes. Once we get that BDSc degree, the field of view of many of our colleagues suddenly constricts to the parts of the body between the lips. We even remember people by what we did to their teeth. Did they have some crowns/ veneers/ implants etc, or did we fracture an instrument in their root canal, or leave a root tip behind during an extraction? Be honest now, we've all done this... read more

Introducing our sponsors

WERNER SAUER ORAL DESIGN is a boutique style dental laboratory located in Milton, QLD that prides itself on the personal touch and individualised service. Established for over 30 years, we have built a reputation in the industry for high quality and excellence. Focusing on aesthetics, but not compromising on design integrity, Werner Sauer Oral Design believes that a great partnership between technician and dentist provides the best possible result for the patient. An informed and knowledgeable Dental Technician can provide invaluable assistance to the Dentist regarding the latest materials, technologies and designs available for restorations.
For any further information on our services, feel free to contact us, on 07 3368 2283 or email adrienne@wsod.com.au, or drop by our stand at the AACP 2nd International Symposium in Sydney, March 8- 10, 2013. ... Learn more

Dr Peter Svensson

Peter was born in Aalborg 1963. He graduated from the School of Dentistry, University of Aarhus 1987 (DDS), and earned his Ph.D. degree in 1993 and Doctor of Odontology in 2000 at University of Aarhus. He had a Post-doc stay at the University of Michigan from 1995- 1996, and was a visiting scientist University of Adelaide 2000, a visiting professor University of British Columbia 2007, visiting professor University of Sydney 2009, Professor and chairman of Department of Clinical Oral Physiology 2001... Learn more

What to do in Sydney in March?

Wicked women: an exhibition by Rosemary Valadon
If you find yourself foot-loose and fancy free one weekend, walk up from the Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel to the Museum of Sydney and it's counterpart, the Justice and Police Museum to view award-winning artist Rosemary Valadon's latest exhibition, Wicked Women: An exhibition by Rosemary Valadon. The exhibition features portraits of contemporary women inspired by the colourful, sexy and kitsch art of the pulp fiction era. Valadon's paintings both embrace and subvert the genre's stereotypes – sexist becomes sexy.

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