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October 2012

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AACP Second International Symposium March 8th-10th 2013

Training staff in TMD and Sleep: let us help

For Dentists who have spent considerable time, effort and money to educate ourselves in the broad and difficult disciplines of craniofacial pain (including TMD) and dental sleep medicine, the next major hurdle that we face is to effectively and efficiently impart that same knowledge to our team members.  Every successful dental practice dealing with craniofacial pain and dental sleep medicine patients, has at its core, a team that is well trained in the theory and practice of managing these disorders.  This team is cohesive, well aligned, well led, and most importantly, well educated. It would include all dentists who work at the practice, as well as the hygienist/therapist and dental assisting staff... read more

Local Chapter meeting in September 2012

September’s Local Chapter meeting in Melbourne saw the esteemed Prof. Mariano Rocabado (University of Chile) train Dentists and Physical Therapists in treatment of skeleton-cranio dysfunction. The 2 day course was exceptionally well received and in fact several delegates wished for another day with Rocabado due to “information overload”. One Physiotherapist had attended a course with him 15 years ago and still learnt more from this event. We are looking at bringing Dr Rocabado back to Australia in 2014.

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Sleep Bruxism: an overview of new avenues in understanding and managing tooth grinding

Dr Gilles Lavigne is the world's leading expert on sleep bruxism. The gnashing of teeth was documented in biblical times, but what we need to know is why it still happens, and what can we do about it. It is a controversial subject, and over the years it has been attributed to many possible causes including stress/ pain/ airway/ occlusion/ medication/ and sleep arousal to name a few. If you get rid of sleep apnoea will people still brux? Does bruxism cause temporomandibular disorders? Does occlusion contribute to its origins? What is the best thing for us to do to prevent it from happening or limit the damage to our patient's health? As dentists we have a limited number of ways to address bruxism and to decrease its effects on teeth, our restorations and implants. Be sure to hear Professor Lavigne's discussion of the latest research into bruxism and its management at our upcoming Symposium, March 8-10th 2013.

Introducing our sponsors

FUNCTIONAL ORTHOTIC DESIGN PTY LTD has quickly established itself as the chosen Dental Laboratory for many Dentists and Medical Professionals around Australia practicing advanced techniques in the field of TMJ Therapy, Sleep Disorders and Craniofacial Pain.
Now based on the Gold Coast the owner Shaun Strang and his staff have gained an honest reputation for supplying the dental industry with a commitment to excellence in design and appliance fabrication.

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CPD points – closing soon!

Practising Dentists require 60 CPD points before 1 July 2013 as a condition of registration with the Dental Board of Australia. So to top-up on points and ensure you remain registered, earn 20 CPD points at the 3 day symposium in March. Remember that our last international conference sold-out in 2011 and with limited space, our next event in March 2013 is expected to do the same so book now to earn your points while you can.

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What to do in Sydney in March?

Sydney Harbour stretches from the ocean to Parramatta, 21km away and the home of our first settlement. One of the most popular scenic walks is along the foreshores from Sydney Botanic Gardens, past the Opera House, along the ferry wharves of Circular Quay to the pylons of the Harbour Bridge in the historic Rocks area. From here you can book a ticket to climb the bridge (www.bridgeclimb.com) or cross the bridge by foot for free to North Sydney. Continue your walk along the bush land reserves to Balls Head, or drop in for a coffee (or a swim) with a spectacular view at North Sydney Olympic Pool.

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