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October 2013

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3rd International Symposium: 
Sleep, Breathe, Grow: Dental Dilemmas and the Paediatric Airway. 
Sydney, March 28th - 30th, 2014

baby sleep

Hello to everyone,

It has been a very busy year. It was good to catch up with so many of you in March at the Migraine, Muscles and Mastication Course at Sydney. I hope that I will get to see even more of you at next year’s course on paediatric apnoea called Breathe, Sleep, Grow; Dental Dilemmas and the Paediatric Airway.

Our speakers for next year are unbelievable

Prof Colin Sullivan is best known to us as the man who invented CPAP, but much of his career has been spent researching childhood/infant apnoea. Prof Sullivan is going to speak on the relationship between maternal blood pressure and apnoea and fetal breathing and the impact this has on the infant. This is a fascinating topic, and one that opens up a whole new way of looking at sleep dentistry other than the traditional “wait till they stop breathing and make them an MAD” approach that we are all familiar with.

Prof Christian Guilleminault is the man who coined the terms Sleep Apnoea and Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome. His research spans over 600 peer reviewed articles and covers pretty much every topic in sleep medicine. His latest research deals with childhood adenotonsillectomy and maxillary expansion; their place in the treatment of paediatric OSA, as well as their long term efficacy. For those who would like an early taste of what to expect, I have included a link to an interview with Prof Guilleminault.

Dr. Christian Guilleminault is interviewed providing details on early discovery of obstructive sleep apnea.
Vimeo.com/38003361 Mar 6, 2012

Assoc Prof Leila Kheirandish Gozal is one of America’s foremost researchers on paediatric OSA. Her work deals with many topics, including the effects of paediatric apnoea on the cardiovascular system. We don’t usually think of kids and high blood pressure and heart problems together, and Assoc Prof Gozal’s information will open our eyes again about the impact that sleep apnoea has on kids and that it is more than just skin deep.

Prof M. Ali Darendeliler and Dr Jim Papadopoulos work together in the orthodontic department at Sydney University. As well as discussing the role of orthodontics in treating paediatric OSA, and the role of sleep in learning, they are going to present some case studies of treated patients from the University, showing us the way the orthodontic and sleep team would function in the perfect world.

Assoc Prof German Ramirez has a lifetime of intervention treatments, and Dr William Hang has some amazing biobloc cases to show us, including some on some children with Crouzons syndrome: children for whom the accepted therapy is to go through multiple cranial surgeries.

As most of you would have realized by now, not all sleep problems are sleep apnoea, and children are no exception to this rule. Dr Chris Seton will discuss non-respiratory paediatric sleep disorders. This is a subject most dentists don’t think about, but epilepsy and parasomnias are common in childhood, both with OSA and alone, and we need to be able to work out what we are treating.

As well as that we have rhinitis, myofunctional therapy, and the ENT angle covered. For something completely different, Dr Raahib Dudhia will discuss the use of 3D software to compare before and after changes to the face and airways.

Come and see us in Sydney. There will be friends and laughter, a few tall stories and lots of fun times.

See you then

Karen McCloy
President AACP Australian Chapter