AACP Australian Chapter e-Newsletter

February 2011

The Early Bird Gets …..In!

It’s wonderful that so many of you were organized and registered when you did to attend the 1st ever AACP Australian Chapter Symposium here in Sydney. We are excited to announce because of your “early bird” attitude we reached full capacity in mid January...read more


TMJ and Sleep Therapy

The TMD & Sleep Education Programs of Dr. Steven R. Olmos, DDS is proud of its reputation as being a leader in training for the dental profession in the study and treatment of TMD and related sleep disorders. We provide an integrated approach to care that includes more in-depth diagnosis, the latest treatment technologies and training for all levels of a dentist's practice. read more

A simple 'system' for treating TMD and Sleep

This lecture will identify and discuss the standard of care for treating TMD & Sleep Apnea in the dental practice and provide a step-by-step system for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning. The process of triage of patients with craniofacial pain and sleep disorders (OSA) will be presented through the use of organized clinical examination
forms provided to the attendees.... read more

Eat and drink for $50 and under

Visit this section and find great tips, offers, special deals and places of interest in Sydney and its surroundings. Sydney is one of the world’s great holiday destinations. Australia’s global gateway is an essential stop on any traveller’s itinerary read more