AACP Australia Webinar Series Don't Miss Out
AACP Pain Bites: An interactive complex facial pain case presentation

Do you want to learn more about treating facial pain and sleep conditions, but can’t take days off of work to attend a course? The AACP is bringing first class education straight to you online at no charge.

We are very proud to present Dr Joseph Ryan and Dr Nischal Singh presenting the first in a series of complimentary zoom video interactive case studies: Real patients, real stories and real solutions.

On June 19 at 7.30pm please join us online for a wonderful learning experience presented via a Zoom webinar.

AACP Australia will be showcasing a complex facial pain case presentation by Dr Joseph Ryan. Details of the patient history are laid out below.

The webinar will be interactive allowing the participants to ask questions about the case and its treatment based on the information provided by Dr Ryan.

AACP Pain Bites: An interactive webinar event.

AACP Australia Webinar Series Don't Miss Out

Date: Wednesday, 19th June
Time: 7.30pm
Where: Zoom Link - Details sent by email
Cost: FREE
Limited places, Reserve your spot now!

About the Patient

A 54 year old presented with an 8-year history of “burning” like pain associated with her buccal mucosa, tongue, palate and lips. The patient feels that the pain started very soon after the issue of an upper part immediate acrylic denture replacing teeth 12,11,21 and 22.

The patient presented with a constant 5/10 burning pain that was worsened by salty or spicy foods and she had not found anything yet that has relieved her symptoms.

More recently the patient has recently noted that she is waking in the morning with a frontal headaches and an aching face and finds that she is avoiding eating hard and/or chewy foods.

The patients' chief reason for attending is “to get this burning pain in my mouth fixed as I don’t think I can take it much longer” and that she adamant she is allergic to her dentures as the pain started when she had her dentures issued.

The patient is currently taking Endep and large doses of Panadol+codeine with little to no effect but signs of dependency.”

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